STOP Talking about the Glass Ceiling!

We know that when we put too much focus and attention on a problem, it grows. Therefore, by talking about the ‘Glass Ceiling’ are we not allowing this problem to grow?

You see…we ‘Think’ in pictures and by talking about glass ceilings, it immediately creates a picture of a glass ceiling in our minds. This can have a negative impact when we accept it into our subconscious minds. Let me explain….

During my career I had never heard of the glass ceiling until I started a management role and when I embarked on networking journey. Everybody was talking about it! The glass ceiling was introduced to me as something that will stop me from climbing higher in my career and that I will face challenges because I was a woman and that I had to work harder because of my skin color. This automatically became ingrained within me as a ‘Limiting Belief’. Even though I wasn’t accepting it at a conscious level as I was always shouting ‘What glass ceiling? I see no glass ceiling” But unfortunately it had already seeped inside my sub conscious mind. As a result it affected my self-image deep inside and I wasn’t even aware of it.

Fortunately, the more I continue ‘Self Mastery’ I am able to discover these limiting beliefs and kick them out! Just imagine if we truly believed the glass ceiling wasn’t there?

I believe Vision, Clarity, Belief and a good Attitude alone can get you to where you want to go in your life and career! If you resonate with this, please leave comment.