You know what to do so why are you not doing it?

There's nothing easy about realising you're the one that's holding you back, this whole time!

You know you are capable of more and you know that you are worth more than what you are getting now. Yes you even know what to do because you have consumed all the information that you need. But you're still stuck. Why? because you don't take the ACTION.

Does this sound like you? If yes, then I would like to invite you to my Think Transform Thrive Accelerator Workshop on the 18.00- 21.00 hrs (GMT)

The difference between the 'haves' and the 'have nots' is the way in which they THINK. Why are some people successful and some people not? There is no secret. They have the following:

  • Burning Desire to BE and to DO
  • Committed Decision to take Action
  • Definitive Plan with a Clear Vision

Stop Procrastinating - Let's do the work together!


If you think this is a workshop where you will be just listening? think again. You will be required to do the work in REAL TIME. I will be facilitating and asking you a series of questions that will assist you in completing your workbook. We will be covering the following content:

  • Knock down the blocks that's stopping you.
  • Get your unshakable VISION and GOALS on paper and learn powerful 'reverse engineering' skills and and productivity tools to map out the next 12 months
  • Fill in your personal boardroom template. Who? in your network will take a seat at your table to help you succeed
  • Ready, Set, Action - Once your workbook is completed, you will know exactly what your next actionable steps are to get your sh*t done!

Who is this for?

Frustrated ambitious professionals women who want to feel fulfilled in their careers

Curious and open minded women who are READY to take ACTION to move towards what they really want

Committed women who want to a plan but don't have 'Time' to get one done!

Who is it not for?

Women who are not committed and not willing to do the work

Women with a closed mind and not willing to pick up new ideas and concepts

Women with lots of excuses not to!


I'm Sajna, I am a Breakthrough Performance Coach, helping ambitious professionals to reach optimal success through my Think Transform Thrive Framework.

Previously I worked in the corporate world for 24 years. In 2014, I launched my 'side hustle' running exclusive networking events called 'Tomorrow Meets Today' bringing together future leaders with today's inspirational leaders to build meaningful relationships through culinary experience.

With my enthusiasm and passion I was able to climb the career ladder without a degree by networking effectively and leveraging relationships to increase my influence, impact and income. At the end of 2019 I left my secure job to pursue my passion in growing TMT. Now I run a global coaching business!

Special Offer of £99

Can you afford not to take this step?

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